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Illnesses That Can be Prevented Through Immunizations in Adults


Contrary to the common belief, immunization is not only done in children. Adults can also be immunized against several diseases that are quite rampant today. Vaccination in adults is just as important as it is in kids. Research has shown that numerous people die every year in the world from diseases that are preventable through vaccines. Below is a list of the illnesses that can be prevented through vaccines.

Hepatitis B

The vaccine is usually given as a three-dose vaccine over many months to protect the liver from the effects of the virus. The disease is spread through intercourse or your blood coming into contact with that of an infected person. Those who are at a higher risk of getting infected are medical practitioners who usually come into contact with infected patients and people with multiple sexual partners. Such people should be vaccinated against the Hepatitis B virus as a precautionary measure. The vaccine is usually administered as an injection.



This is another vaccine that is highly recommended for adults to take annually to help protect them from the many strains of influenza. This vaccine is available across all ages. It is usually administered as a nasal spray. It is highly recommended for those that are above the age of 50 and those who are pregnant. They are usually at a higher risk of contracting the disease. Those with chronic heart diseases are also encouraged to take the vaccine.


This is usually a onetime vaccine against shingles. Shingle is a painful disease that is characterized by painful rashes that have blister-like lesions. These come with a nerve-pain which lingers after an outbreak. Both chicken pox and shingles are members of the herpes family.

Shingles is prevalent among the population of above 4o years. The vaccine is usually recommended for the population that is above 60 years as reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox occurs during this age. It is not limited to those who have never gotten shingles; anyone for whom it is over one year since the last shingles episode should get a dose.


This is usually a onetime vaccine against several strains of the bacteria that cause pneumonia. The vaccine is particularly recommended for those above the age of 65 years or those with chronic health conditions like AIDS whose immune system is compromised.

It is worth noting that pneumonia in adults is quite severe as compared to the one in kids. There is, therefore, a higher chance of an infected person not surviving. It is for this reason why one needs to be immunized.


The above are some of the many common immunizations in adults. For those who are older, it is highly recommended that they take a shot. The health of humans deteriorates as one grows older making it important for one to take the precautionary measures that will help them remain healthy for longer without constant visits to the hospital.…