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Proper ways to bleach the anus


Usually, the skin around the anus is dark or heavily pigmented. This is because the area has a large amount of melanin production which is actually the body’s natural protecting mechanism. However, over the past few years, with more importance being given to cosmetic procedures, anal bleaching also grew in popularity. This is a trend that is mostly followed by women who have been given an image of a clean and aesthetic buttock through exposure to art.The basic idea behind anal bleaching is to lighten the skin that surrounds the anus. For this, several methods have been employed.

Below are procedures that have been proven to yield desirable results.

Anal Bleaching by use of creams (cosmetic)

1. Consult a Dermatologist:

gagfasagfasaYou must consult a cosmetic surgeon or the dermatologist. They may suggest you the right measure. They may prescribe certain creams that may help you in bleaching your bum. These creams may be used for anal bleaching. These won’t harm you as they have been suggested by your dermatologist.

2. Acquire an anal bleaching cream

Whatever product you choose, be sure to check the ingredients to make sure you’re not applying anything harmful to your skin.Most dermatologists recommend using products that contain lightening agents like kojic corrosive which is safe and effective skin lightener.

3. Shave

If you have more than just a sparse amount of hair in the area to be treated, the area should be shaved well so the lightening cream can better penetrate the skin. The anus should be washed with warm water and a gentle cleanser and should be dry when you apply the cream. After showering is a great time to use any skin care product because your pores will be opened by the warm water.

4. Apply the cream

gfss6shgsasasTake a small amount of the cream and gently rub the cream into your skin making small circles until it is thoroughly rubbed into the skin. Allow the skin to dry.

Use the cream as directed (You must apply them twice every day unless your skin in that area is broken), with most products there’s no need to continue using after you achieve your desired skin tone. Then you can use only as you feel necessary .. You can stop using them once the skin tone gets even. You must discontinue the use of these creams in case you find any discomfort or any kind of adverse effects.

By use of natural herbs (creams):

Meladerm is one cream that uses all natural herbs, and it is used to bleach the anus. It contains Mulberry Extract, loco rice extricates, lactic corrosive, Emblica powder and glycolic corrosive. It doesn’t contain any unsafe concoction or fixing that may have any unfavorable effects.