Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know (1)

Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know

Anxiety is not a good thing at all. Not only to those who have it but neither to you, who hangs with them every other time. It is both mentally and physically demanding and if you do not understand you may think your friend is being intentionally irritating.

But if you knew what really the fear is then you would be in a better position to understand. That is why here are things people with anxiety want you to know;

Their situation is not a limitation

Sometimes it is good to be anxious. Yes the symptoms and everything that comes with it is irritating but this should not be seen as a limitation. Anxiety is just part of their personality but they can be as good as you. They have a different perspective of the world and this can be very helpful.

They find it hard to change

For everyone, change is not an easy way to walk. You would want to remain in your comfort zone for as long as it takes. People with anxiety will not take it easy when you want them to change. You need to understand this just like they would understand if it were you.

Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know (2)

They don’t like it when you keep asking whether they are okay

It is very caring of you to know whether your anxious friend is okay. But keeping on asking the same thing is boring. Sometimes they want you to believe that they can handle whatever predicament they find themselves in. Just stop asking this question every now and then.

They really appreciate you sticking with them

They know that it is not easy for you to be their friend. Their fears and problems become your too and they wish you didn’t have to bear this. They are not oblivious of your presence. They do not take you for granted.

Anxiety is not what defines them

It is easy for people to define others by their anxiety. That is wrong. People with anxiety have a personality and they want you to see that. They wish that you would separate them from their fear and see who really they are. There is someone in there who is ambitious and the anxiety cover should not be a reason you should not see that.

Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know (1)

They easily get overwhelmed

These people are hyper-alert. They notice changes in environment and that can be overwhelming. It becomes unbearable to have a keen eye on everything around them. You should understand this and be supportive. Do not think that they may choose to ignore you; it is the anxiety force in them.